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Phrasal Verbs

Here is a mini-lesson about phrasal verbs.

1.  Throw on = quickly put on usually clothes

· And then, they throw their coats on and walk out the door!

2.  Play on = exploit someone's feelings or weak points in an unfair way

· Their latest adverts play on your emotions.

3.  Single out = choose someone from a group for special treatment, often                 criticism or praise

· The teacher would always single her out for her fantastic projects.

Which phrasal verb do we need?

1. There is nothing which _________ (chooses from a group for special treatment /       him).

2. A: Are you ready? B: I'll just _________ (quickly put on / some clothes).

3. They _________ (exploit in an unfair way / your feelings) to make money.

4.  Gun for = try hard to get something (often used in continuous tenses)

        · All the runners are gunning for first place in the race.

5. Hinge-on = depend entirely on something

        · A company's success can hinge on good marketing.

6.  Hunt down = find with a long search

        · Finally, I managed to hunt my keys down.

Which phrasal verb do we need?

1. In the end, the police managed to _________ (find with a long search / the              criminal).

2. Our arrival time will __________ (depend completely on / the plane timetable).

3. I'm __________ (trying hard to get / a promotion at work).